As a Meme Generator – what can we do better?

We here at Make a Meme are very proud of our own meme generator. We have worked hard to bring you guys the very best and fastest meme creation site we could. We do understand that there are areas that we can improve and we are working on them.

Today though we are going to give you guys a chance to tell us what we could do better as a meme generation site.


So the things we think we do pretty well here are :

  • We are fast! Partly because of our awesome hosting company (Ramnode), Partly because we know how program pretty radical code and finally we use the latest and greatest hosting web hosting software on the planet Nginx. If you aren’t using Nginx and you running a blog or hosting a site that is getting massive Reddit hits, then you are already behind the eight ball.
  • We find the latest meme templates whether they rocket up Reddit or 4chan. Flash out of Facebook or soar out of Twitter.
  • We started with a standard design for the site but we realised that was boring and went to a quicker, simpler and prettier design. We are always working on this and it will be changing it again very soon (keep an eye out) but it is definitely something we are proud of.
  • Our Reddit integration is the best of all the meme sites at the moment, mainly because of one nice little feature. Our Reddit submit button allows you to choose which subreddit you want to submit to. Currently we suppoort r/dviceAnimals, r/Gaming, r/Memes and r/AtheismRebooted. Why these particular subs? Mostly because these are the subreddits that use the site the most at the moment. However we are open to suggestions and are quite willing to put any subreddit on.

What we think we aren’t doing as good as we could be :

  • The main thing would have to be mobile and tablet compatibility. While it looks ok, it could be a lot better and that change to the look of the site I mentioned earlier will include a responsive design that will look awesome on phones and tablets. More importantly it will be much easier to use.
  • Another thing that we could probably do better sell our selves to other sites. Most of us here at MAM love Reddit and 4chan and we hang out at both sites a lot! We think we could do better. Our exposure to sites like Facebook and Twitter is small. I guess it is hard when we really don’t like hanging out anywhere else.

So as far as a meme generator sites go, what do you guys think? Where can we improve? Leave us some comments and advice. We appreciate every bit of contact and we get back to every one who comments.

generating meme's it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it


Team MAM


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