Where to Find Viral Memes and Meme Trends?

Where to find viral memes

In the digital age, memes have become a universal language, a shorthand for humor, irony, and collective identity. They capture the zeitgeist in a way few other mediums can. With just a picture and a few words, they can encapsulate complex emotions and social commentary, often with a humorous twist. Memes traverse across borders, transcending language and cultural barriers, making them a truly global phenomenon.

The ephemeral nature of memes makes them both exciting and elusive. They pop up, go viral, and then they’re replaced by the next trending topic. Yet, some memes have a staying power that etches them into the annals of internet history. But where do these memes originate? How do they go viral? And where can one find the freshest, most topical memes? In the following sections, we’ll explore the world of memes – from their origins to their life in the digital realm.

What is a Meme?

A meme, at its core, is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. The term “meme” was coined by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” Dawkins used the term to describe an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Fast forward a few decades, and memes have evolved into a cornerstone of digital culture.

Evolution from Sociological Concept to Internet Phenomenon

The journey of memes from a sociological concept to an internet phenomenon is a fascinating one. Initially, memes were thought of as cultural units of information that replicate themselves through human interaction. However, with the advent of the internet, memes found a new medium to spread, mutate, and evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Today, when people talk about memes, they’re often referring to internet memes. These are media pieces, often images or short videos, accompanied by humorous text, shared and spread rapidly online. They often reflect shared experiences, jokes, or reactions to current events and cultural phenomena.

The digital realm has taken the concept of memes to a whole new level, making it an integral part of online communication. Memes are no longer just cultural replicators; they are a living, breathing part of the internet, continually evolving with the collective consciousness of online communities.

A Brief History of Memes

The history of memes is as intriguing as the memes themselves. From humble beginnings to global recognition, memes have carved a unique space in cultural and digital landscapes.

Early Beginnings

Although the term “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976, the concept of memes dates back much further. Historically, memes existed as cultural artifacts like sayings, tunes, or fashions that spread organically through a culture.

The Digital Revolution

The advent of the internet propelled memes into a new realm of virality. The early internet memes were simple and text-based like the infamous “Godwin’s Law” or the playful “Rickrolling.” Over time, as technology advanced, memes became more sophisticated, employing images, videos, and gifs. Websites like 4chan, Reddit, and later, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook became breeding grounds for meme culture.

Modern Day Meme Culture

Today, meme culture is a significant aspect of the online experience. Memes have become a way for people to comment on events, politics, and societal changes. They are a reflection of collective consciousness, often acting as a societal mirror, highlighting our hopes, fears, and humor.

The speed at which memes are generated today is a testament to their ingrained position in our digital lives. Within minutes of a significant event, memes are created, shared, and spread across the globe, making them a fascinating subject of study for sociologists, psychologists, and digital marketers alike.

Where to Find Viral or Trending Memes?

Trending Memes

Trending Memes

The internet is a treasure trove of memes. However, knowing where to look can significantly enhance your meme discovery experience. Here are some of the top platforms and communities where meme magic happens daily:


Often touted as the front page of the internet, Reddit is a hub for all things memes. Subreddits like r/memes, r/dankmemes, and r/AdviceAnimals are just a few of the many communities where meme enthusiasts gather to share and enjoy the latest meme creations.


Twitter’s real-time nature makes it a hotbed for meme activity. Whenever something noteworthy happens, you can bet that memes will start flooding Twitter feeds. Following trending hashtags or meme-centric accounts can keep you in the loop.


Instagram has a plethora of meme accounts that curate and share memes. While it may not be the birthplace of many memes, it’s a fantastic platform for discovering a wide variety of memes from different internet corners.


TikTok has emerged as a significant player in the meme world. Its short-form video format is ripe for meme creation and sharing. Following trending sounds and hashtags can lead you to the latest viral memes.

Other Online Communities

Besides the major platforms, other online communities like 9gag, Imgur, and Tumblr also have active meme cultures. These platforms have their unique meme styles and communities that contribute to the broader meme ecosystem.

Dedicated Meme Websites

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for memes, websites like Know Your Meme offer a curated experience. They not only provide a platform for meme discovery but also offer explanations and the history behind various memes.

Is There a Website for Memes?

Yes, indeed! Apart from social media platforms, there are dedicated websites where meme aficionados can explore to their heart’s content. These websites are often repositories of memes spanning various themes, styles, and trends. Here are some noteworthy mentions:

Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme is an essential destination for anyone interested in meme culture. It’s a meme encyclopedia of sorts, documenting various memes, their origins, and their impact on popular culture.

Memebase and Cheezburger

Memebase, part of the Cheezburger network, is a place where users can find, share, and create memes. It’s a lively community that embraces the humor and creativity that memes bring to the digital table.


9GAG has a vast collection of memes from around the globe. It’s a platform where users can not only discover memes but also upload their creations and gauge the reactions of a global audience.

These websites, along with the previously mentioned social media platforms, form the backbone of the online meme ecosystem. They are places where memes are born, shared, and celebrated.

How to Create Trending Memes?

Creating a meme that catches on and goes viral can feel like capturing lightning in a bottle. However, there are some tips and tools that can help aspiring meme creators to tap into the zeitgeist and craft memes that resonate with audiences.

Stay Current

Being up-to-date with current events, trending topics, and popular culture is crucial. Memes are often a reflection or commentary on what’s happening in the world, so staying informed will provide you with the material you need to create relevant memes.

Understand Your Audience

Knowing the preferences, humor, and cultural references that resonate with your target audience can significantly enhance the impact of your memes. It’s all about striking a chord with your viewers.

Simplicity is Key

Memes are meant to convey a message quickly and humorously. Overly complex or obscure memes may not hit the mark. Keeping your memes simple, relatable, and funny is often the best approach.

Use Meme Generators

Meme Generator can be an invaluable tools for creating memes. It offers a variety of templates and an easy-to-use interface to customize your memes.

Experiment and Have Fun

Meme creation is an art. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, formats, and themes. The more you enjoy the process, the more likely you are to create something that others will enjoy too.

Meme Generator

Creating memes from scratch can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the meme-making world. Thankfully, online tools like Meme Generator on makeameme.org simplify the process, making meme creation accessible to everyone.

Features and Ease of Use

Meme Generator offers a vast selection of meme templates, covering a wide range of styles and trends. Users can easily browse through popular templates or search for something specific. The intuitive interface allows for quick text editing and customization, enabling users to create and share memes within minutes.

A Community of Meme Enthusiasts

Besides being a tool, Meme Generator also hosts a community of meme enthusiasts. Users can share their creations, get feedback, and interact with others who share a passion for memes.

Learning and Improving

By using Meme Generator, aspiring meme creators can learn from existing memes, improve their skills, and stay updated on trending meme formats. It’s a fantastic platform for both meme discovery and creation.

Creating memes has never been easier, thanks to online tools like Meme Generator. Whether for fun, social commentary, or digital marketing, memes are a powerful medium for expression and communication in the digital age.

Can You Legally Use Memes?

Navigating the legal waters of meme usage can be tricky. Memes often include images, videos, or music that may be copyrighted material. However, the transformative nature of memes, where original content is altered to create something new and humorous, often places them in a legal gray area.

Copyright Concerns

The primary legal concern surrounding memes is copyright infringement. If a meme utilizes copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder, it could potentially be a case of copyright infringement. However, the law also considers the fair use doctrine, which might protect meme creators if the meme is transformative, used for educational purposes, or does not affect the market value of the original work.

Fair Use and Memes

Fair use is a critical concept in the legal discourse surrounding memes. It’s a doctrine that allows the use of copyrighted material under certain conditions, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. Memes, given their often transformative and humorous nature, can sometimes be considered fair use, but the specifics can vary case by case.

Staying Informed and Safe

If you plan to create and share memes, especially in a commercial or professional capacity, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the basics of copyright law and fair use. When in doubt, seeking legal advice or using copyright-free materials can help mitigate potential legal issues.

Memes are a fascinating blend of culture, creativity, and law, making them a unique phenomenon in the digital realm. Their ability to entertain, educate, and provoke thought is unparalleled, making them a valuable asset in our digital toolkit.

Memes are more than just a fleeting laugh; they are a reflection of our digital society, echoing our thoughts, humor, and sometimes, our collective consciousness. They represent a rich, dynamic, and democratic form of cultural expression, offering a lens to perceive the zeitgeist of our times.

The journey of discovering, creating, and sharing memes is an exhilarating one. From delving into the heart of meme culture on platforms like Reddit and TikTok, to crafting our own memes using tools like Meme Generator, the meme landscape is vast and inviting. As we navigate through the legal corridors of meme sharing and embrace the camaraderie of the meme community, we become active participants in this vibrant digital culture.

Whether memes make you laugh, think, or connect with others, they are an integral part of the online experience. So the next time you come across a meme that tickles your funny bone or provokes thought, remember, you’re part of a larger narrative, one meme at a time.

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