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Gaming Memes

GTA V peace girl

Here at MAM we are huge gamers. The crew play GTA V, Battlefield 4, Skyrim, Starcraft and even Counterstrike from time to time. Anytime there is a new game we try and encourage users to start posting away. So we thought it might be a good idea have a post that has links to all […]

Google+ and YouTube Meme

Google + meme

Does anyone actually like Google+ ? I know I don’t really like. Not because it is a bad product. I wouldn’t know if it was bad or good actually because I just don’t use it. That is the problem here I have enough Social media stuff going on that I just don’t want anymore. Anyway […]

My Cat Does It Better Than You!

A new meme that is hitting the image sites like Imgur is the “my cat does it better” than you meme. Hot guys and cats! My prediction that every women with an internet connection will see this within the week. Ladies do we need an excuse to want to look at hot guys? NO! Do […]