The Orange Peeling Meme: A Viral TikTok Relationship Test

Orange peeling Meme

If you have been on TikTok lately, you might have seen videos of people asking their partners to peel an orange for them. This seemingly simple request is actually part of a viral relationship test known as the “Orange Peel Theory”. The theory claims that small acts of service, such as peeling an orange, can reveal how much your partner loves you and how willing they are to help you in the future.

The origin of the theory is unclear, but some sources trace it back to a TikTok slideshow posted by @things.i.cant.sen in November 2023, which showed a text conversation between two ex-lovers. The last slide featured a green message that read “I miss when you would peel my oranges for me in the morning” 1. The message implied that the sender appreciated the small gesture of their former partner, and that it made them feel cared for and valued.

Peeled Orange manThe slideshow inspired many TikTok users to try the orange peel test on their own partners, and to share their reactions online. Some of the videos showed positive outcomes, where the partners happily agreed to peel the orange, or even did it without being asked. Others showed negative outcomes, where the partners refused, complained, or mocked the request. Some of the videos were humorous, while others were serious or sad.

The orange peel test quickly became a meme, and spawned various jokes and parodies on TikTok and other social media platforms. Some of the memes poked fun at the absurdity of the test, or exaggerated the consequences of failing it. For example, one meme showed a text that read “I’m at your girl’s house, peeling her oranges” 2, implying that the partner had cheated on them with someone who was willing to do the test. Another meme showed a picture of a peeled orange with the caption “I’m single now” 3, suggesting that the partner had broken up with them over the test.

The orange peel test also sparked a debate about the validity and usefulness of the theory. Some people argued that the test was a good way to measure the level of commitment and trust in a relationship, and that it reflected the importance of showing love through actions, not just words. Others argued that the test was unfair, unrealistic, or manipulative, and that it did not account for the individual preferences, personalities, or circumstances of the partners. Some relationship experts also weighed in on the topic, and advised against using the test as a serious indicator of the quality of a relationship 4.

The orange peel meme is one of the latest examples of how TikTok can influence the way people think and behave in their relationships. Whether the test is a valid or reliable measure of love is debatable, but one thing is certain: it has generated a lot of entertainment and discussion online. And who knows, maybe it has also inspired some people to peel more oranges for their partners. 🍊

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