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Throwing Punches and Punchlines: A Dive into UFC Memes

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a serious business; you'd think there's no room for hilarity in the Octagon. But, thanks to the creativity of fans and the power of the internet, UFC memes are now as much a part of the sport as the armbar or the rear naked choke.

Let's start with the notorious "Just Bleed" meme. It comes from a UFC fan who painted his chest with the words "Just Bleed" and screamed manically into the camera during a live event. The picture of his passionately unhinged face has since become a meme symbolizing overzealous fandom and the bloodthirsty side of MMA. He might've intended to inspire, but he became a caricature of every hardcore UFC fan ever.

Then there's the classic "Nate Diaz Stockton Slap" meme. Nate Diaz is a fantastic fighter, but his open-handed slaps are almost as famous as his victories. Memes of Diaz's infamous slaps have become a beloved part of the MMA community, used to mock any situation where someone is caught off-guard or disrespectfully dismissed.

Remember when McGregor fought Mayweather in a boxing match? The memes about McGregor's unorthodox punching style were fast and furious. In a now-iconic image, McGregor is seen throwing a wild punch, which the internet quickly likened to everything from a pub brawl windmill to the dance moves of an inebriated uncle at a wedding.

Finally, the "Dana White looking at his phone" memes deserve a mention. Dana, the president of UFC, is often seen looking at his phone during fights. People have hilariously speculated what he could be looking at, ranging from ordering takeout to browsing memes of himself.

In the realm of UFC, even the most brutal of fights can give birth to the funniest of memes. These memes serve as a reminder that beneath the blood, sweat, and tears, there's a humorous side to MMA that keeps fans coming back for more. After all, who doesn't love a good laugh between roundhouse kicks?