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A Quick Sprint Around the Bases of MLB Memes

When it comes to finding humor in the world of sports, Major League Baseball (MLB) memes are a home run. The long history of the MLB, its characters, and unique in-game situations make it a perfect source for internet humor.

Let's start with the infamous "Bartolo Colon at-bat" memes. Bartolo, lovingly referred to as "Big Sexy," is a former pitcher who, despite his size and awkward swings, managed to hit a home run at the ripe age of 42. The image of Colon, with his helmet flying off and his face displaying an expression of absolute determination, has sparked countless memes and continues to resurface whenever a pitcher surprisingly connects with a ball.

There's also the legendary "Angel Hernandez strike zone" meme, a sarcastic nod to the umpire known for his questionable strike zone calls. Any baseball fan worth their salt can relate to the frustration of a blown call, and this meme perfectly captures that sentiment. Whether it's an outline of the strike zone morphed into a Picasso painting or a blindfolded Hernandez, the internet leaves no room for mercy.

And who could forget the "Drake Curse" memes? This meme trend began when it was observed that teams or athletes Drake supported would often end up losing. MLB wasn't spared, as the curse allegedly hit the Toronto Blue Jays during the 2015 American League Championship Series. Cue a flood of memes featuring a distressed Drake, the disappointed Blue Jays, and the triumphant Kansas City Royals.

Every fan base also has their unique set of memes. For instance, New York Yankees fans have the "27 Rings" meme, a default response to any jab from rival teams. On the other side, we have the "Sad Michael Jordan" meme, often imposed on Cubs fans during their 108-year World Series drought. And of course, there's the universally relatable "Rally Cap" memes, perfectly embodying the high stakes and superstition of baseball.

The brilliance of MLB memes lies in their ability to reflect the joys, heartbreaks, and oddities of the game while offering a humorous outlet for fans' passion. They highlight the lighter side of baseball, reminding us that even though the on-field battles are intense, there's always room for a little fun and humor in the grand old game.