Meme Characters

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Drawing its influence from a Dos Equis beer advertising campaign, it features American actor Jonathon Goldsmith as "The Most Interesting Man" whose gravelly voice (narrator Will Lyman) states, "I don't… [more]

Dancing Black Kids

Happy little African kids dancing [more]

Annoyed Picard

Take a screen-grab of classically-trained thespian Patrick Stewart in his role as Jean-Luc Picard in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', reciting Shakespearian sonnets, and you have the genesis of the… [more]

That Would Be Great (Office Space Bill Lumbergh)

The perennially annoying Bill Lumburgh from the cult classic movie, "Office Space"

Like the character in the movie, wandering around with a coffee mug in hand, and making a request that… [more]

One Does Not Simply

The most popular image in the 'One does not simply..' series, it features a picture of actor Sean Bean in the role of Boromir in the Lord of the Rings… [more]

Buzz and Woody (Toy Story) Meme

A classic scene from Toy Story and a great meme built around it. [more]

Dr Evil Austin Powers

Of course there should be a Dr Evil Meme. Dr Evil is one of the most popular characters from the movie Austin Powers on the web. In fact he is… [more]

Skeptical Third World Kid

Originally known as "Skeptical 3rd World Success Kid". this is a meme of a your African child looking skeptically at a non African lady who is smiling at him. It… [more]

First World Problems

Life's tough in advanced western society. This meme, sometimes not too sarcastically, highlights how small the daily problems some of us face are. When you have nothing to complain about,… [more]

Maury Povich Lie Detector Test

A meme about the infamous and famous Maury Povich and his even more famous lie detector. [more]

Am I the only one

This meme features John Goodman from the classic movie The Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers. This memes is usually used to express frustration with something and is a… [more]

Futurama Fry

A screenshot from Season 2, Episode 6 of 'Futurama', it shows the character of Fry with narrowed eyes, as if focusing hard on a question.

The meme text is generally formatted… [more]

Willy Wonka Sarcasm Meme

Will Wonka being sarcastic and giving you a smart ass comment. [more]

Success Kid

believe it or not the original photo for this meme was taken way back in 2007. It featured heavily on the social media site MySpace (what's that you ask?, ask… [more]

Angry Obama

Some might call it the determined Obama meme but to me he looks more angry! [more]

Happy Squirrel

Oh the joy!

Mankind has captured photographically few moments from the animal kingdom as this squirrel, its arms raised to the heavens in pure glee.

That, or it's catching a falling nut. [more]

Matrix Morpheus

Featuring a screen capture from the movie "The Matrix" of Lawrence Fishburne's character, Morpheus, this meme generally starts with the ext, "What if I Told You.." followed by a derisory… [more]

Bad Luck Brian

This Meme originated in January 2012 and features a red haired (Ginger) teenager with braces, plaid sweater and blue shirt.

Why Brian? and why Bad luck? This we do not really… [more]

Tough Spongebob (I'll have you know)

Featuring a nonchalant Spongebob Squarepants casually relating a not-so-tough anecdote, this meme (generally) starts with (top) "I'll have you know .." followed by an assertion of hard behaviour; the bottom… [more]

Brace Yourself - Game of Thrones Meme

A picture of Eddard Stark and the caption on this meme usually includes 'brace yourself' or 'prepare yourself'.

The line is derived from the Stark motto, "Winter is Coming",

with the second… [more]

Confession Bear

Confessions Bear is a meme were you get to confess your inner most and darkest secrets. Or you just use to say how much you really hate Redditors!

Either way… [more]

Skeptical Baby

Posted to Reddit January 2012, this pic quickly became the 'Skeptical Baby' advice animal meme.

The look of incredulity on the face of the baby is usually accompanied by a top… [more]

Everyone Loses Their Minds (Joker Mind Loss)

From a dramatic scene in the 2008 feature film "The Dark Knight", in which the Joker talks about the different reactions the public has to similar situations; in this case,… [more]

Sarcastic Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage in a scene from the 1988 dark comedy "Vampire's Kiss" The image has been used as the basis for a "rage comic' with the theme, "You Don't Say!"

This… [more]

Grumpy Cat

There is a rare breed of cat called snowshoe cat and the meme Grumpy Cat is based on one of these. The picture was first submitted to Reddit in late… [more]

Cool Jesus

Jesus! Who is that guy? He's so cool ..

Cool Jesus just wants to say hi, and maybe impart a little bit of cool wisdom. [more]

The 300

A movie about some Greek poofs who really new how to fight!!! now we have a meme about them. [more]

Skeptical Dog

We have a skeptical baby meme, a skeptical third world kid meme and even a skeptical vulcan meme. Now meet skeptical dog meme. [more]

Ancient Aliens - Crazy History Channel Guy

The history channel has a guy with crazy hair talking about Aliens that visited the earth a long time ago. Apparently these aliens interacted with our ancestors and this guy… [more]

What Grinds My Gears (Family Guy)

The perfect outlet for a straight-out complain, this meme comes from an episode of Family Guy in which Peter Griffin is given a TV segment on the nightly news, "What… [more]

Unpopular Opinion Puffin

A cute puffin to make a meme about. Not sure if it has a title or anything so am just going to call it Puffin. [more]

Godfather Baby

This great photo of a cute baby in a tuxedo bears a miraculous resemblance to Marlon Brando's "Godfather"

It's the puffy cheeks that do it - not to mention the scowl.… [more]

Squeamish Seal

Also sometimes known as awkward seal. He first appeared on Reddit in the subbredit /aww.

The thread title was "Hurumph" and soon after a new meme was born.

Enjoy Squeamish Seal [more]

Rainbow Spongbob

Spongebob is one of the favorite memes on the web. In all his various shapes and forms. Here at Make a Meme we love him so much we will add… [more]

Confused Black Man

This meme usually includes the caption "is this shit your job". It is an old meme as far as image macros go. However it has fallen out of popularity of… [more]

Internet Grandma

So, your Grandma finally gets on the internets - and wishes she hasn't.

Generally featuring nanna's reaction to various questionable internet sites, but also showcasing some common reactions of the elderly… [more]

Big Boobed Woman

Just a meme to prove a point [more]

Mean Girls Meme

"It's never going to happen" is usually the bi-line. It is from the movie Mean Girls; top line usually goes, "Stop trying to make 'x' happen"

An example might be, "Stop… [more]

[10] guy

Also know as 'Really High Guy' or 'Stoner Stanly', this meme features a picture of male looking .. quite high, presumably on marijuana.

Captions feature typical comical 'stoner' behavior.

The '10' comes… [more]

That's My Secret

A meme that uses the Incredible Hulk as its inspiration. A popular one at Reddit at the moment.

Taken from the motion picture, "The Avengers", it features The Hulk's alter ego,… [more]

Things are getting pretty serious

Things Are Getting Pretty Serious is an advice animal image macro series featuring a screen capture of the character Kip from the film Napoleon Dynamite, in a scene where he… [more]

Y U No

Ok we got a request to ad this meme and so we have. Hope who ever you are you are happy :) [more]

Crying Obama

Here is a meme pic of President Barack Obama crying.. enjoy! [more]

Too Damn HIgh

Jimmy McMillan is famous for the political slogan “The Rent is Too Damn High. It has now become a meme that has to do with things that are to HIGH… [more]

Happy Homer

Homer Simpson from the Simpsons is a happy kind of guy and now we have a meme that represents this cheerfulness. [more]

Sexual Picard

This meme is about a sexy bald starship captain. Anyone remember that IRC channel? Anyway Picard always looks good - but here he looks stunning. There's nothing like loose cotton… [more]

Cat bath

The original cat bath cat. It's amazing how many cat meme's has inspired and here is another one [more]

Sound of Music

The hills are alive with the sound of music. This is a classic meme and one that can be used in lots of good situations, generally starts with "Look at… [more]

Conspiracy Keanu

Featuring Keanu Reeves in a screen grab from the 1989 comedy film, "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", this is a meme that immediately makes you visualize the words, "Whhoooah!" Similar… [more]

Disaster Girl

An old meme that goes back to 2007. A picture of a girl with a house on fire in the background. Usually the meme has to do with the child… [more]

Kermit Drinking Tea

The Kermit drinking tea meme is a relatively new one to hit Reddit and other social media sites. The top line of words usually has some worldly observation and the… [more]

TO-DO List

Everyone needs a to do list and now we have a meme for it. [more]

Upvote Obama

A meme picture of President Obama drinking a dark beer and giving the thumbs up. [more]

Evil Plotting Raccoon

PLots evil against the unsuspecting fools at Reddit. [more]

Spiderman Cancer

There are lots of spiderman memes out there but this one is about posts giving him cancer. [more]

Almost Politically Correct Redneck

A meme about Rednecks that don't mind gays but still can't abide colored folk. [more]

Condescending Wonka

Same as sarcastic Woknka except facing the other way ;) [more]

Scumbag Steve

That guy that does everything you hate - that's Scumbag Steve.

The image, taken from the cover of the album "Ma Gangsta" by a rap group called "Beantown Mafia", is generally… [more]

Sudden Clarity Clarence

A young man experiences a sudden moment of clarity - an epiphany if you will. Derived from a news photo taken on Australia's Gold Coast during 'Schoolies Week' (their Spring… [more]

Milton from Office Space

Milton Waddams, the eternally unappreciated and abused worker from the movie Office Space. All he asked was his stapler - and a paycheck. They underestimated .. the Rage of… [more]

Laughing Albert Einstein

A great man who loved to laugh. Arguably one of the most Meme'd men to have ever lived [more]

Drunk Baby

Featuring an apparently intoxicated baby sitting by a pint of beer, this ginger infant with attitude cries out for memeness.

The sleepy eyes and aggressively-pointed fist remind us of the loveable… [more]

Dory from Nemo (5 second memory)

Dory from Nemo is a classic she only has a 3 second or 5 second memory and this meme represents that aspect of some humans. We are all a bit… [more]


The Advice Animal Philosoraptor (a fusion of 'Philosopher' and 'Velociraptor') began life as a T-shirt graphic, before joining the Meme-O-Sphere in late 2009, this beasty pauses thoughtfully, one claw under… [more]


This meme started because of a particular dog species. The Shiba Inus. It originally started back in 2010 but never really took off. However in 2012 Doge went viral both… [more]

Seth from Superbad

Superbad - the movie is great. Try and catch it if you haven't. Anyway, this meme involves the character Seth from the movie and it usually finishes with Fuck me,… [more]

Push It Somewhere Else Patrick

The ever favourite Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants has a meme about pushing things from here to somewhere else. He is a bit neurotic, but we love him all the same. [more]

Spock and Kirk

Dr Spock and Captain Kirk in this rather sensual embrace in what appears to be a spa bath! [more]

Kevin Durant You Da The Real Mvp

Kevin Durant gave a heart warming speech when he accepted his MVP award. A meme was born from the words You Da Real MVP [more]

Overly Attached GirlFriend

This meme started with a picture of Laina Walker who made a parody video of a Justin Bieber song on

The picture is meant to depict a stalker type… [more]

Actual Advice Mallard

Literally an Advice Animal, this mallard first appeared on Reddit in June, 2011, spouting 'Life Hacks' and other useful tidbits.


Today was a good day

Ice cube meme expressing how good his day was. [more]

Sophisticated Cat

A picture of a cat reading a newspaper. Probably the most popular of these memes was a simple "I think I should buy a boat". [more]

I Guarantee it - George Zimmer

This meme came into vogue in 2013 and is about the former Executive Chairman of the Men's Wearhouse (George Zimmer). He starred in many of the Men's Warehouse ads and… [more]

First Day on the Internet Kid

A meme about the wonders of discovering the internet. Quite frankly the kid in the picture is too old. Kids discover the internet in the womb these days. [more]

Happy Obama Meme

This guy has it all. He is the president and he can play basketball. [more]

Obama Ordering a Pizza (on the phone)

Can we ever have enough Obama memes? Especially after the NSA mess he has gotten himself into.

Classic Obama! [more]


A meme about spiderman behind his desk in an office, this surrealistic image generally features the bottom line as, "And I'm just sitting here masturbating" - or a clever derivative. [more]

Weird Stuff I do Potoo

A Potoo is a weird looking bird and I guess that is why the internet community and in particular Reddit have adopted it as a meme for weird things people… [more]

Good Guy Greg

In April, 2011, the picture of this smiling man smoking a self-rolled cigarette, appeared on image remixing website Canvas.

A month later, it began appearing on Reddit.

The meme features text highlighting… [more]

Soup Nazi from Seinfeld

Yes the Soup Nazi gave us one of those classic moment in television. "No Soup for you" is one of those sayings that will never die and now we have… [more]

Hairless Cat

Cat with no hair and boobs [more]

Socially Awesome Awkward Penguin

A fusion of Socially Awkward Penguin and (you guessed it) Socially Awesome Penguin, the meme text is predictable; AWESOME at the top, and the awkward consequences at the bottom. [more]

Unhelpful High School Teacher

We have all been there at high school bored out of our brains looking out the window. When all of a sudden you hear it. From across the room you… [more]

Insanity Wolf

Aaaargh! This meme is EXTREEEME!

Insanity wolf fears nothing. Nothing! He even seeks out experiences and situations that would leave the average person writing in pain (or embarrassment)

Are YOU extreme enough… [more]

aaaand its gone

South park meme.. that is quite funny.

OMG too much GIN! [more]

Hump Day Camel

Well we have been noticing lots of Hump Day Camel meme's. So we have decided it is time it made it into the standard memes for the site. Enjoy guys. [more]

Confession Kid

A meme about things you believed when you were a kid but realized later were not true. Usually very embarrassing things! [more]

Scumbag Stacy

Scumbag Steve's ex-girlfriend.. Actually Steve could never get someone as hot as this! [more]

Walter White Breaking Bad

Gone is the mild mannered school teacher from the start of the series. We now have a full blooded murderer and gangster. Still he is a father trying to look… [more]

Sad Owl

An image macro (Meme) about a sad looking owl. Usually used in the context of expressing sadness over an international news even. [more]

Challenge Acccepted

A meme about accepting challenges. This is an old meme but one we at "make a Meme" sadly neglected. It is here now so feel free to image macro your… [more]

Captain Kirk Choking

A your sexy starship captain choking. [more]

Yoga pants Meme

A meme switch based on Yoga Pants [more]

Rafiki Meditating - Lion King

Rafiki is the baboon from the Lion King and in this image he is meditating. This meme is used to give voice to all those Zen, Yoga, Buddhist type sayings… [more]

The Most Interesting Cat in the World

This meme is a take off of The Most Interesting man in the World meme. [more]

Joseph Ducreux

Joseph Ducreux (June 26, 1735 – July 24, 1802) is an eighteenth century French artist known for his unorthodox style of portrait paintings. he has become a internet meme due… [more]


One of the original rage comic trollface meme's [more]

Dave Chapelle (Fucking Up)

Reclusive but still wildly popular Dave Chapelle tells us what, exactly, is Fucking Up! [more]

Disapproving Grandma

The image macro that features a grandmother wagging her finger disapprovingly. [more]

Baby Insanity Wolf

We were all babes once. Even insanity wolf. However even as a baby he was HARDCORE! Well as hardcore as a baby wolf could ever be. [more]

Schitzo Cat

A meme about a nice cat that has some with issues. [more]

Ron Burgundy - boy that escalated quickly

yet another Ron Burgundy meme. This scene is from just after the famous anchorman gang fight. He is enjoying a beer and he says the famous lines "that escalated quickly" [more]

Overly Manly Man

This meme features a picture of late-19th century boxer, Mike Conley in a classic boxing display pose.

Picture Chick Norris as an 1800's boxer and then add misogynistic and well, anti-anything… [more]

Male First World Problems

It's not just the women who suffer the stresses of life in a privileged society. Men, too, are becoming more and more slightly inconvenienced and annoyed by the things… [more]

Fuck This Shit (Bill Murray)

A funny meme of Bill Murray throwing his golf clubs in disgust; it's easy to imagine Bill's laconic voice uttering those words [more]

No Rage Face

A meme or action macro that is supposed to stand for the disapproval of someone else's idea or comment. [more]

Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat is a scientific looking cat that is used in memes about chemistry and science (funnily enough). Sometimes it is known as Science cat and although mildly popular it… [more]

I Have a Dream (Martin Luthor King speech)

From the cradle of American civil rights comes the tool for crying out to wish for the impossible.

Featuring Martin Luther King Jr. (not to be confused with his famous father?)… [more]

Small Fact Frog

When you have a small fact that you just need to let everyone know about then this meme is the one. Semi-scientific facts or facts that are not verified but… [more]

False Fact Nancy Grace

Nancy Ann Grace is an American legal commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor. Yes we are worried that there is a meme about her on our site!


Motivational Meme

An empty motivational box. That is all. [more]

Pepperidge Farm Remembers

A classic taken from the comedy animated series "Family Guy", it is itself a play on a real advert.

Generally used to express nostalgia about a more reasonable time, the top… [more]

Grumpy Cat vs Happy Cat

Grumpy cat argues with his protagonist Happy cat. [more]

Ron Burgundy I am not even mad or That's amazing (Anchorman)

Yet another meme brought to you by Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movie. This meme usually has a bottom line of text that says, "That's amazing or "I am not… [more]

Schrute Facts (Dwight Schrute from The Office)

Featuring Dwight Schrute from the American version of The Office, and is used to deliver.. fact.

Generally starting with an assertion at the top, followed by a no-nonsense refutation of said… [more]

Robin Williams - What year is it? Jumanji

A meme about asking the a question with what in it. The still picture is taken from the movie Jumanji and in the scene Robin Williams asks "What year is… [more]

Scumbag Brain

The premise of Scumbag Brain, an 'advice animal' image featuring a picture of a human brain, is that your brain is not always your friend.

Highlighting ways that our brain lets… [more]

Gordon Ramsay

A Gordon Ramsay meme. A picture of Gordon yelling at one of the chefs on hells kitchen. [more]

You're Gonna Have a Bad Time (Southpark Ski Instructor)

'Thumper', a ski instructor from the South Park episode 'Asspen' (Season 6, Episode 2) gives the kids guidance on, well, skiing; his cautionary remarks are always punctuated with, "You're gonna… [more]

Archer - Do you want

Archer is a comedy cartoon that is featured on the FX network in the United States. The lead character Archer is a secret agent of sorts.

We love the series here… [more]

Sarcastic Bear

Yes another bear meme. Sarcastic Bear seems to have taken Reddit by storm. Although really it is just a substitute for the Condescending Wonka meme [more]

American Pride Eagle

The pride of America rests on this Eagles shoulders. Kind of like Chuck Norris of the bird world really. [more]

Worst Apocalypse Ever

A popular meme by the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons also known as Jeff Albertson. Usuall associated with the words "Worst Apocalypse Ever" [more]

Scumbag Justin Bieber

A meme about a nice guy who seems to have gone completely off the rails! [more]

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one the most memorable movies of all time. Tom Hanks played Forrest and he did an awesome job of pretending to be "different".

Some of the ever green… [more]

Revenge Duck ( Angry Advice Duck )

Angry Advice Duck also known as Revenge Duck. A new Meme based on Actual Advice Mallard [more]

Confession Lion

Like confession tiger and confession bear but a lion [more]

Fight Club

The first rule of Fight club meme (image macro) [more]

Sassy Emma Watson

There can not be enough memes about Emma Watson now that she is at an age that we can legally ogle her and not feel too slimy. [more]

Scumbag Pope

In the aftermath of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI comes this meme. [more]

Captain Hindsight

An image macro that is based on a super hero from the cartoon South Park [more]

Business Cat

Just what the internet needs - another cat meme. But - it's a cat in a collar and tie!

Started in January 2011, it features a business-like cat with a color… [more]

Cindy Brady Meme

Cindy is ready to F*%K you up. [more]

Businessman Baby

A snapshot in the morning of today's busy working baby, this tyke is on the phone to an important business associate while he gobbles down a quick breakfast. [more]


A character from futurama that first appeared in the episode The day the Earth Stood Stupid that went to air back in 2001. Hypnotoad now is a meme sensation and… [more]

Elsa from Frozen

Frozen is the biggest animated movie of all time and Elsa is the most cherished character. I find this funny as technical she is a little evil and her little… [more]

Pampered Cat Meme

Reddit loves their cats and they deserve to be pampered and here is an image macro to use. [more]

sour patch kids

Sour patch kids are sweets (lollies) that are sour at first and then sweet. Perfect for a meme. [more]

Minor Mistake Marvin

Minor Mistake Marvin was a meme that popped up near the end of 2014. It is a picture of a young African American kid. Marvin originally put something into a… [more]

Annoying Facebook Girl

We all have one. one of those friends that is so totally annoying on Facebook, Strictly the person doesn't have to be female just as many males are annoying on… [more]

Good Girl Gina

Good Girl Gina is Good Guy Greg's female meme counterpart. She is the woman you wished you had married every time you look over at your wife, with her hair… [more]

Tricky Zoidberg

He does the switcheroo with Futurama Fry [more]

William Wallace

You can take our lives but you can never take our freedom. A quote from the Braveheart movie starring Mel Gibson. [more]

Slowpoke the Pokemon

Slow to the party, Slowpoke is a Pokemon-styled image with a certain .. trollish bent. Generally a sarcastic comment starting with "Hey guys! Did you here.." and then enthusiastically over-lauding… [more]

Bear Grylls

If anyone is going to inspire a meme it would have to be Bear Grylls. This meme usually has the line "better drink my own piss" in it somewhere. [more]

Big Lebowski

Yet another Big Lebowski meme or image macro. Can there really be enough of these? I say NOT!

This one shows the character "The Dude' Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges, with… [more]

Bart and Lisa Chat

Bart and Lisa Meme. They are usually depicted discussing the vagaries of life. [more]

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is probably the most famous of all the Cosplay girls. In this picture she is wearing a bikini and bunny ears. Not sure what Cosplay this is but… [more]

PTSD Clarinet Boy

Also sometimes known and PTSD Clarinet Kid. it is an advice animals image macro of a kid that will take revenge in the same vein as Karate Kyle. [more]

Lazy College Senior

The original image was found on and was titled "Young Man Drinking Beer At Outdoor Pub” . However when it first appeared on reddit it was renamed "Lazy College… [more]

Flogging a Dead Horse

StarWars Lego stormtroopers are beating a dead horse in this meme [more]

Drew Carey - Who's Line Is It Anyway

Everyone knows Drew Carey from the Drew Carey show but on Reddit we celebrate him for another reason. That is for his role on the hit show "Who's Line Is… [more]


Of course there is a meme about this great man [more]

Center for Ants (Zoolander)

From the great 2001 Ben Stiller movie, "Zoolander", comes this great line. Zoolander is shown a scale model of a proposed center for learning, his reaction to which is:… [more]

Ridiculously photogenic horse

A new meme of a Horse that is just as handsome as the Ridiculously photogenic guy. [more]

The Terminator

The famous words uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 1. I'll be back! [more]

A Dirty Job

A new meme about the hit tv series Dirty Jobs starring Mike Rowe.

Someone had to do it .. [more]

Confession Tiger

A tiger is always cuter than a bear! Well confession bear is kind of an ugly bear. A baby polar bear would be even cuter! [more]

Socially Awkward Penguin

For the hopeless, clumsy nerd in all of us, Socially Awkward Penguin squalks your cry. [more]

Lego meme

A meme based on Lego pieces being left every where, [more]

Redditor Obama's Wife

A cunning Photoshopping of the popular "Redditor's Wife" meme, Michelle Obama unhappily lurks in the background, hoping Obama will come to bed instead of spying on your emails. [more]


Need to make a meme about a Lemon? Now you can!

This is a lemon. Add words to it.

Gain the respect of your family and friends, which you probably don't have… [more]

Redditors Wife

A meme also known as "Internet Husband". It is generally a meme about how lonely the girlfriend or wife of a Redditor or a husband that is always on the… [more]

Karate Kyle

Karate Kyle is a bit of a revenge kid meme. In the same vein as the clarinet kid. [more]

Sith Lord

Emperor Palpatine is the big Sith Lord in most of the Starwars movies. He has been a meme for quite a while now and we are happy to be adding… [more]

High Expectations Asian Father

Asian fathers expect only the best from their kids and now we have meme to satisfy the kids who need to passively aggressively complain about it :) [more]

Spock and Cat Meme

Spock is finding something illogical while he is holding a cat [more]

Tweet of God

A meme about a meme. The Tweet of God is a twitter account that is affiliated with David Javerbaum and this is a homage to them. [more]

Ridiculously Photogenic Starship Captain

A new meme that seems to have started here at Let's see how it does. It is of a Young and good looking William Shatner from the original Star… [more]

Storytelling Dog

A cute white Husky that looks like it is telling a story to it's litter of white pups. [more]

Downvoting Roman

Although it only every existed in movies, the downturned thumb of the Roman Emperor remains an iconic image.

This image comes from 'Gladiator' and features Joaquin Phoenix's character, Emperor Commodus (what… [more]

There is no Spoon

A meme based on the famous scene from "The Matrix". It is usually based around things being ethereal or non-existent. [more]

Confession Panda

A panda that confesses kind of like confession bear but not. [more]

North Korea Not Scary

This image macro shows Kim Jong-un the leader of North korea behind some outdated computer equipment


Bad Joke Eel

This little eel is a favourite of the dads out there. He is perfect for doing Dad Jokes! [more]

Popular Opinion Polar Bear

Same as the popular opinion bear meme but a polar bear is used this time. [more]

Niggas Be Like Meme

A meme about an Afro? [more]

Computer Homer

Homer has no idea about computers and the internet. [more]

Regretful Rabbit

A meme about all those things you wished you had done differently. Let Regretful Rabbit air your pain. [more]

Foul Bachelor Frog

If you're a guy, picture those around you when you first got a place of your own. More than likely, they were foul bachelor frogs - the way men act… [more]

Skeptical Vulcan

Vulcans are just naturally skeptical of the human race as we are not logical in the slightest. Vulcans adore logic and although Tuvoc did rebel somewhat against Vulcan logic… [more]

Scumbag Teacher

Scumbag teacher is just a nastier variant of the "Unhelpful High School Teacher" meme. The Unhelpful teacher would stop at just embarrassing you. The scumbag teacher might even resort… [more]

Overly Attached Cat

Same as OAG (Overly Attached Girlfriend) but in cat form. [more]

Cartoon Grumpy Cat

Just like the real grumpy cat only pixels and paint. Hmm is that right? [more]

Advice Dog

Some consider Advice Dog the original advice animal. He definitely has been around for a long time Google trends has references to advice dog as far back as 2005. He… [more]

Good Guy Jason

Jason Collins the first openly gay man in the NBA and the first black openly gay man in the NBA. An inspiration to all other gay people around the world… [more]

Scumbag Success Kid

A amalgamation of two famous meme's, Scumbag Steve and Success Kid. [more]

Sexual Kirk

Forget Picard - the original Sexy Star Captain was Kirk.

With that, "Hey, I just had a Space Workout" look (and the unruffled hair) this is a meme that celebrates his… [more]

Two Faced Obama

With all the NSA stuff that is happening it would appear that Obama is somewhat two faced. So here is the meme. [more]

Your meme is bad and you should feel bad - Zoidberg

A meme about feeling bad about something. Although it is usualy used to show tomake known that a meme or some other entity is bad Mkay! [more]

Internets Homer

Yes Homer and the internet do not mix. Actually Homer and computers do not mix. Actually Homer and nothing mix.. except maybe beer. [more]

Priority Peter

the Priority Peter meme is of a nerdy kind of guy with hot chicks posing around him. He is holding a calculator and appears to be doing his homework. Obviously… [more]

Cat Bath Returns

This cat just loves taking baths and now he has a meme about it. [more]

'Whatever' Kid

There's nothing so incongruous and chuckle-worthy as an innocent infant with a completely adult expression on their face. So, in the spirit of 'Skeptical Baby' comes 'Whatever Kid', a doubtful… [more]

Ridiculously Photogenic Cat

This cat has grace and style and amazing blue eyes. [more]

Too Damn Low (Jimmy Mcmillan)

Jimmy is usually associated with the too damn high meme. Here he has been moved to the opposite end of the spectrum. [more]

Scumbag Body

A meme about a body that just doesn't help you out in life. Similar to Scumbag Genetics meme. [more]

Cake Day

Reddit cake day is a big thing and now we have a meme for it :) [more]

The Most Interesting Baby in the World

Everyone has to start somewhere - and this is the origin of the Most Interesting Man in the World [more]

Super Bear'd

Bears. They're everywhere in the image macro world.

So, we present a fusion of the bear and 'Seth from Superbad'.

Fuck me, right? [more]

Socially Awkward Awesome Penguin

We all know of socially awkward Penguin and we all know of Socially Awesome Penguin.

We may have even seen the hybrid of the two, Socially Awesome Awkward Penguin.

Now… [more]

Walking Dead

Walking dead is a cult TV show about the zombie apocalypse. Now we have a meme for the tv show. [more]

Hipster Barista

Since 2011, Hipster Barista has been fashionable, and then unfashionable.

You've probably never heard of him.

Featuring the classic Hipster look of V-neck t-shirt, scarf and dark-framed glasses, most people will have… [more]

Good Intentions Axe Murderer

I guess we have to have a meme for all occasions including axe murdering! The web is a strange place! [more]

Stunned Shatner

Appearing originally with the quote, "I just Shatnered Myself' [more]

Hipster Spider

Hipster Spider was a web designer before it was cool! A meme about a seriously ugly but interesting spider. [more]

Magician (for my next trick)

Why haven't we had a magician meme before this? maybe we did but we have forgotten about them! [more]

Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Jessica Nigri a promotional model who has stolen the hearts of internet nerds everywhere with her sexy cosplay outfits. Her best known is the one we feature here chainsaw lollipop! [more]

Seriously Milton - I was told there would be

Ahh the office a great piece of television and is providing many great memes. Including this one by Milton. [more]

Vincent Van No - Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat has become a phenomenon that has swept the internet. We now even have artists doing fake masters paintings featuring him. [more]

Ameristralia Beer

North Ameristralians can thank use South Ameristralians for making beer last longer [more]

Ordinary Muslim Man

The Muslim man has got a bad wrap on the tube lately. Not all Muslim men are radicals. This meme is generally used to express this fact. [more]

Good Guy Professor

A professor who goes above and beyond for his students. We have all seen one the types in our teachers. Here is a meme to help you show your appreciation. [more]

Popular Opinion Bear

A meme for mostly stating the obvious [more]

Cotton Pepper

Cotton McKnight: and Pepper Brooks from Dodge Ball Meme. This meme is usually used in regards to a particularly tricky or bold strategy someone will use on Reddit to get… [more]

Contemplative Lion

A lion that likes to thinks about things and hates all those confession memes [more]

Malicious Advice Mallard

The evil twin of Actual Advice Mallard, this meme proffers seemingly good advice that can only cause trouble.

Format is generally direct advice, or a rhetorical question at top with the… [more]

Sexy Bill Gates

A meme about tech nerds and sex what can I say. [more]

Drunk Baby Bear Grylls

The meme that had to happen; a fusion of drunk baby and Bear Grylls. [more]

Edward Snowden

The guy that was the Whistle blower on the NSA actions against its own citizens. [more]

Blasting Bender

Futurama's Bender goes all Tarantino. Taken from the episode "Bender's Big Score", this meme is all attitude. [more]

Scumbag Student

We all know a scumbag student. Us! Most of us have been a scumbag student at one time or another. This meme is here for you to confess and… [more]

Overly Manly Woman

We have all heard of the Overly Manly Man meme well here is his wife. If you thought he was tough you should hear some of the stories she… [more]

Stuff That Didn't Happen Seagull

A meme about things that never happened when you were young. Featuring a seagull of all things. [more]

Scumbag Parents

An oldy but a goldy. This meme originated about two years ago and has been relatively steadily used ever since. I guess there are plenty of kids our there who… [more]

Mad Karma with Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer is the well known host of CNN's Mad Money segment. His history as a hedge fund manager has put him in good stead to give advice about the… [more]


Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) was one of the most hotly anticipated game releases for 2013. Rockstar Games was under quite a bit of pressure to make this… [more]

Standover Squirrel

Waits for unsuspecting hikers and extorts sandwiches from them! [more]

Hackers Meme

Hollywood vs real life comparison of hackers [more]

Instagram twitter

A meme about Instagram and twitter fighting it out. [more]

Success Ginger

A parody meme of success kid. How ever with a red haired boy fist pumping. [more]

Hairless Cow

A meme about a hairless cow.. who knew? [more]

Edward Snowden (NSA Whistle Blower)

The pooh hit the fan in 2013 as Edward Snowden, an NSA contractor, blew the whistle on the extent of domestic U.S. surveillance by the NSA (National Security Agency) [more]

Grumpy cat Valentines Day

Grumpy Cat fucking hates Valentines Day! [more]

Scumbag Google

Google hides behind its motto of "Do No Evil". Yet everything they do is designed to drive profit at the expense of everything else. Since becoming a publicly listed… [more]

Sexually Oblivious Girlfriend

A meme about a girl friend who has no idea you are asking her for a good time. Funny yes, tragic yes, accurate no! [more]

Skyrim Dragon Slaying

Another meme to celebrate Skyrim turning two years old. Happy anniversary to the Elder Scrolls team. Thanks for a great game! [more]

Breaking Bad

I can't believe there aren't more memes from breaking bad. Well here you go here is one. Use it to your hearts content! [more]

Happy Ned Stark Meme

Ned wasn't all gloom and "winter is coming".

He had his lighter moments before he (SPOILER ALERT!) had his noggin cut off in the first series of Game of Thrones. Here… [more]

Reddit Upvote Nazis

Votes are only displayed for a short time at Reddit. The Reddit Nazis have struck again! [more]

Malicious Storytelling Dog

Story telling dog but with a Malicious intent. [more]

Scumbag Boss

A meme about a boss who is a skinflint and a tightass, it's taken from a scene in the iconic film "Office Space" with the standard "Scumbag Steve" hat adorning… [more]

Grumpy Fish

Grumpy Cats Lunch [more]

Laid Back Koala

This Koala has not a care in the world and is happy to watch life roll on buy in his eucalyptus induced haze. [more]

Grand Theft Auto 5 (V)

A meme about that awesome game GTA grand Theft Auto 5 [more]

Spring Break Forever Alone

Forever alone at spring break. This guy and his Barbie dolls. [more]


At last, a meme for the people who built this internet. Not everyone will get the sentiments this erstwhile pillar of the interwebs voices, but those who do will draw… [more]


A meme picture for the popular game Skyrim. The game is now 2 years old and this meme has been added to celebrate the anniversary. [more]

Paranoid Parrot

Mirroring all of the little paranoid thoughts that we all have from time to time, Paranoid Parrot began at 4chan before becoming a meme mainstay in late 2010.

Meme text starts… [more]

Good guy parents

We all have a funny relationship with our parents. Usually good sometimes not so good. In the Good guy parents meme we can express those good moments we have with… [more]

Scumbag Genetics

Yes we all have the things about ourselves we don't like. Now we have a meme to express that exasperation. Go ahead you know you want to. [more]

Ameristralian GGG

A good guy Greg that bats for Both teams. He loves his North Ameristralians and loves his South Ameristralians. he just an all round Good Guy. [more]

Unsure Dog

A dog reminiscent of Futurama Fry [more]

Aussie Koala doing the night shift

Aussie Koala doing the night shift at Reddit meme [more]

Alec Baldwin has had enough

A meme about Alec Baldwin having a go at a paparazzi. Let's face who wouldn't want to have a go at a paparazzi? [more]

Forever Resentful Mother

That mom who just doesn't know when to quit. She blames you for everything. Whether that be her stretch marks, her divorce, her boring life or her drinking problem. This… [more]

Sheltering Suburban Mom

This meme makes fun of the stereotype of a suburban mother. Quite often used in /r/AdviceAtheists when some of the atheists are perturbed by something their own mom might have… [more]

Good Guy Fire Fighter

In the same vane as Good Guy Greg and Good Girl Gina we have a new meme that we like to call Good Guy Fire Fighter. A meme mostly about… [more]

Football (Soccer) life

A meme for those who think football/soccer is the only way to live your life [more]

Advice God

Featuring the classic paternal image of the Christian god as depicted by Michelangelo's "The Creation of the Sun and the Moon" on the walls of the Sistine Chapel, Advice God… [more]

Scumbag Storytelling Dog

Scumbag version of Storytelling dog! [more]

Marriage Advice Grandad

A new meme about grandad's advice on marriage. We all know most Grandpa's are full of wisdom on most things but marriage advice seems to be a speciality. [more]

Wii U

The Wii U is currently the most underrated gaming console on the planet. The concept is great and the implementation is perfect. Anyway no matter what you think of the… [more]

Samwell Tarly Meme

Samwell Tarly is a character from Game of Thrones [more]

Scumbag Advice God

Advice God, but with the hat of Scumbag Steve; Scumbag Advice God highlights the misdoings of one of the world's most popular imaginary friends [more]

O M G Deer

Reddit liked it that is good enough for us it is now a meme! [more]

Sexually Oblivious Boyfriend

A meme that is a match for the Sexually Oblivious girlfriend - this guy is oblivious to, well, sexual references. [more]

Overly Suave IT Guy

This guy not only fixes you computer problem but can also fix a heart ache. This meme character comes from nowhere to bring romance and innuendo into your life.Overly suave… [more]

Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton

Oh Bill we love you here at Make a Meme. You give us so many funny moments. [more]

Dental Floss

Ah if we could just floss away all those bad things in our lives. At least now we have a meme about it. [more]

Ridiculously Photogenic Pole Vaulter

A meme about Allison Stokke. An Olympic Pole Vaulter who deserves her own meme [more]

Socially Awesome Penguin

The penguin that Socially Awkward Penguin wishes it could be.

Six months after the awkward one waddled in to the Memeverse, his awesome cousin showed up, and rocked .. well, everything.

Walking… [more]

Sir Isaac Newton

A meme about the man who basically founded modern science. When you think of laws of physics or possibly even laws of reddit think isaac newton. [more]

Common Opinion Sparrow

Yes a sparrow with a common opinion is now a thing. Use wisely. [more]

Good Girl FireFox

Good Girl Firefox meme. A great bit of software that sticks up for the rights of interner users. [more]

Tooth Fairy

A betrayed tooth fairy! [more]

Nirvana are the 90's

Nirvana are the ultimate 90's meme! [more]

Baby Boomers

Baby boomer memes are all the rage now. They are moving from parents to parents of parents (grand parents) and their self centered, egocentric attitudes are perfect fodder for a… [more]

Adam Scott Golfer

A meme about the first Australian to win the US Masters golf tournament. [more]

Team America

A movie that redefined what two guys could convince an army of suited executives to do. great movie.. but I still can't believe it got made! [more]

Scumbag Christian

Epitomising the very worst in conservative, evangelical Christianity, the Scumbag Christian is in the 'Scumbag' series of advice animals and features 80's TV star and now evangelical Kirk Cameron, with… [more]

Good Luck John

An image macro about John Bradley who plays Samwell Tarly in the TV Series Game of Thrones. [more]

Scumbag Redditor

Usually a member of the mentally insignificant group of people called the Reddit Army. [more]


The highest grossing video game of all time GTA V has got to have a meme about it. Werll now at it has atr least 2 :) [more]

Scumbag Alcohol

Alcohol can make you think you can do lots of things you actually can't do. Like dance, talk to women and tell funny jokes. Scumbag alcohol meme is a perfect… [more]

I should have bought the boat

The same cat from I should have bought a boat meme. In bed with a woman. [more]

Scumbag YouTube

Youtube has started to suck since they have started to ask if we should use our real names when posting comments. The other annoying feature is that they contastantly try… [more]

Canadian Football Fans meme

This is as close as Canadian Football fans come to rioting [more]

Not Always Overly Suave IT Guy

This is the antithesis of the Overly Suave IT Guy that has taken over Reddit lately. A meme that is not always suave and probably not even an IT guy! [more]

Condescending Wife

A new bride laughing at her husband to be. [more]

Good Guy Reddit

Reddit is one of those places on the web that can be totally unpredictable. Sometimes it can be a complete asshole and sometimes it can be a place of warmth… [more]

The Casowary

kind of a come at me bro type meme but seriously you wouldn't come at this bird. [more]

Good Guy Bee

Happily pollinates the worlds food supplies and then cures HIV on the side. What a great little insect. He is an insect yeah? [more]

Lazy Elementary School Kid

this is a evolution from the Lazy College Senior meme. It could almost be his younger brother. [more]

Star Wars Episode 7

A fan made poster of a possible but not necessarily definite upcoming StarWars Movie. It better be coming or someone is going to... [more]


The Ameristralia meme is one of the newest for 2013. based on the fact that Australia and America had the same day off to drink beer! Now they have joined… [more]

Scumbag Instagram

A meme about Instagram and the scumbag photos that are put on the site [more]

Good Guy Steam

Everyone knows that Steam is the best gaming corporation on the planet. It is run by one of the nicest dudes to ever make it big, Gabe Newell. It is… [more]

Reddit original Safe Post

Where the hell did that post on Reddit go? They never came back and tell us what was in the safe. [more]

Paranoia meme

Security Cameras pointing all over the place Paranoia is real! [more]

Self Checkout Machine

A meme about those self serve checkout machines you get a grocery stores these days. [more]

Bengali soap

another bengali soap meme [more]

Battlefield 4

The hottest new game right now is Battlefield 4 and it is causing a stir. It will be coming out on the new Xbox one and the PlayStation 4. Here… [more]

Fashionable Advice Mallard

Like all the advice mallards this guy deals a=out advice but it is always stylish and it will never steer you wrong! Try this meme! [more]

Lazy Elementary Student

We all have heard of Lazy College senior meme. it has been around for over a year and very popular. Well now we are introducing Lazy Elementary Student (sometimes known… [more]

Reddit Army

There is a certain personality type, that lacks restraint lacks wisdom and quite frankly lacks brain cells. This group of individuals has banded together on the site and call… [more]

Oblivious Suburban Mom

Similar Meme to sheltered Suburban Mom but is not used as much for racist and fundamentalist (Fundies) memes. [more]

Zen Advice Mallard

Everyone needs a little Zen in their lives to help bring about a peaceful and calm outlook. Zen Advice Mallard is a meme by which can touch others with a… [more]

Scumbag Whitehouse

Just because sometimes the whitehouse and the US government are the biggest scumbags on earth [more]

Fuck me right. Alternative Seth from Superbad meme

The other version of this meme is extremely popular with Redditors at the moment. Someone from the website has suggested this as an alternative. Will it take off? [more]

Downvoting Robot

In the wake of the recent Reddit votebot scandal, we present - Downvoting Robot.

An amalgamation of Downvoting Roman and the head of Futurama's Bender. Unleash your rage, let the bot… [more]

Scumbag Toddler

Not sure why this guy was chosen as a scumbag toddler he seems like a pleasant enough a kid. I guess it is the hat! [more]

Team Ameristralia, with our powers combined....

This is more like the team of USA and Australia on Reddit. [more]


One of the greatest gaming consoles ever made and one that is still appreciated today. From release the Wii was a trailblazer, some people said it wouldn't pay off Nintendo… [more]


A Meme Generator image Macro. When you are hard up for a meme to use it is nice to fall back on this one and generate a meme. [more]

Confused CaptionBot

A confused Gandalf version of the regular Reddit Captionbot Meme [more]

Conscientious College Senior

We have all heard about the Lazy college Senior Well now meet his upwardly mobile and conscientious friend who is also a college senior. [more]

Scumbag Bladder

A bladder that just won't give you a break! [more]

OAG's Overly Attached GirlFriend's

Hotter than the video lets on :) [more]

Xbox one meme

Microsoft has caused a bit of an outcry with the xbox one. Lets hope they fix things. [more]

Dirty Joke Dogfish

We have all heard of bad joke eel and lame pun coon. Well now we have Dirty Joke Dogfish. Why? Because we need somewhere to put all those funny and… [more]

First World Cat Problems

You think you've got problems?

First world cat problems is an extension of the 'First World Problems' meme, where the mundane problems that we experience in our privileged society are brought… [more]

Scumbag Vic-20

The Vic-20 computer, the bane of every 70's kid. [more]

Reddit CaptionBot

CaptioBot is a well known resident of the website He is a well intentioned little robot but sometimes he gets it terribly wrong. With extremely funny results. [more]

Grand Theft Auto Bicycles

A meme about the bicycles in grand theft auto (GTA) [more]

Good Guy Imgur

Imgur is always doing good stuff. It seems to be run by a bunch of caring people/ [more]

The Two Kims

Kim Jong Il looking at his son Kim Jong Un with disappointment written all over his face. A meme about the relationship between the two. [more]

Good Guy Iceland

Iceland just is good. People there are friendly and they have given a home to pirate bay. [more]

Steam Box (Steam Machine)

Everybody's favourite gaming company has gone and done it. They have made their own console and quite frankly I am over the fucking moon about it. Steam has been one… [more]

Good Guy Armenia

Realizes it can't afford an iPad for each student. Makes them learn chess instead. [more]