Bad Luck Brian Meme Generator


This Meme originated in January 2012 and features a red haired (Ginger) teenager with braces, plaid sweater and blue shirt.

Why Brian? and why Bad luck? This we do not really know but the first Meme to feature Bad Luck brian only had 5 up votes at The text that accompanied this meme was "Takes Driving Test : Gets First DUI" however later that day a Redditor posted a new meme based on "Bad Luck Brian" and this one went viral and hit Reddit's front page. The caption that accompanied this meme was "Tries to Stealthily Fart in Class : Shits".

As they say the rest is history. Bad Luck Brian is now one of the 20 most popular memes of all time and continues to please with captions like "Falls Asleep in Class : Wet Dream".